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NOR SHIPPING, OSLO – 4th to 7th JUNE 2019

Mr Gaurav Mehta, Mr Gerd Leopold, Mr Amaldev Mahalakshmi & Ms Vishwa Mehta presented Best Oasis and Priya Blue at stall A1-12 at Nor Shipping in Oslo.

Nor-Shipping is a biennial international shipping and maritime event that attracts key players in the industry from around the world. The event, held in Oslo, Norway in 2019, was a resounding success. It provided a platform for experts in the maritime industry to come together and discuss current and emerging issues affecting the sector.

Best Oasis: A Leading Provider of Waste Management Solutions

One of the notable enterprises during the Nor-Shipping event was Best Oasis, a leading provider of waste management and environmental services to the maritime industry. The company specializes in collecting, processing, and disposing of waste generated by ships and offshore installations. With a team of experienced professionals, Best Oasis provides tailor-made solutions to its clients.

Best Oasis at Nor-Shipping 2019: Showcasing Innovative Waste Management Solutions

During Nor-Shipping 2019, Best Oasis showcased its innovative waste management solutions. The company demonstrated its commitment to sustainability by showcasing its zero-waste solutions, which help reduce the environmental impact of the maritime industry.

Highlighted Solutions

Oil Spill Response Services

One of the solutions that attracted a lot of attention was the company's oil spill response services. Best Oasis has a fleet of specialized vessels and equipment that can be mobilized quickly in case of an oil spill. The company has an experienced team of professionals who are trained to respond to oil spills and contain them before they cause extensive damage to the environment.

Waste-to-Energy Services

Another solution highlighted by Best Oasis during the event was its waste-to-energy services. The company has a state-of-the-art facility that uses waste as a fuel to generate electricity. This innovative solution not only helps reduce the environmental impact of waste but also provides a sustainable source of energy.

Best Oasis' Commitment to Innovation and Sustainability

Best Oasis' participation in Nor-Shipping 2019 was a testament to the company's commitment to innovation and sustainability. The event provided a platform for the company to showcase its solutions and engage with industry stakeholders. Best Oasis' innovative waste management solutions received a lot of positive feedback from visitors and industry players alike.


In conclusion, Nor-Shipping 2019 was a successful event that brought together experts in the maritime industry from around the world. Best Oasis was a notable enterprise during the event, showcasing its innovative waste management solutions. The company's commitment to sustainability and innovation was evident in its solutions, which attracted a lot of attention from visitors and industry players. Overall, Nor-Shipping 2019 was a great opportunity for industry players to share knowledge and ideas on how to create a sustainable future for the maritime industry.