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Regulation Review

As part of our engagement with the shipping industry, we have done in-depth research on the IMO's new Carbon Intensity Indicator (CII) regulations (MARPOL Annex VI, Regulation 28). We have determined that the regulations will not help the environment and may in many cases actually lead to higher emissions.


At Best Oasis, we aim to prioritize excellence in environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and governance (ESG) throughout our operations. As a prominent player in the cash buying of ships, we understand our role and duty to advocate for sustainable practices in the maritime industry and our mission extends beyond transactions. Our ESG policy demonstrates our commitment to building a future that is environmentally sound, prioritizing the welfare of our stakeholders, and upholding the utmost standards of ethics and integrity.


Our goal is to place the environment at the forefront of our business philosophy. We are committed to minimizing impact on the environment and encouraging sustainability through a range of initiatives, such as Sustainable Ship Recycling, Carbon Footprint Reduction, Waste Management, Biodiversity Protection. Also

Ensuring each vessel, we acquire is recycled in a manner that is ecologically sustainable and adhere to the regulations of the ship recycling sector.

Conducting comprehensive audits of ship recycling facilities to assess their capabilities in vessel recycling, compliance with safety standards and environmental impact mitigation.

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Our goal is to make a positive impact on our employees, communities, and the industry by upholding rigorous safety standards, supporting fair labor practices, implementing comprehensive welfare programs, and encouraging a culture of diversity where everyone is treated with respect and equality. Also

Prioritizing the implementation of equitable labor practices and safe working conditions for the employees.

Collaborating with communities, supporting initiatives for sustainable development, and encouraging economic expansion.


Our goal is to uphold supreme standards of integrity and honesty, guided by a strong commitment to ethical conduct, transparency, accountability, and risk management. Also

Engaging in our company operations with utmost ethical principles, guaranteeing transparency in all our transactions.

Assuming full responsibility and associated risks with the vessel without renegotiating the deal and accepting any losses that may occur.

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